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Developing Managers to Support Strategy



In response to changing patterns in the workplace and in the needs of their members, the top management of the national professional body for training and development formulated an exciting new strategy. They recognized that the organization would have to be run differently in various respects, demanding new skills from their management team, and asked us to develop a training program for senior and middle managers.



We identified the organization's priority needs and used a 360 feedback process to augment this information with the needs of individual managers. Based on these results, we tailored an integrated development program using state-of-the-art research and methods which included a residential training program, individual coaching sessions and facilitation of follow-up workshops. The training emphasized interactive applications, including videotaping and skills practice based on actual work situations - managers applied frameworks, models and concepts in simulated settings based directly on their work.


As a result of the program, managers were quickly able to apply new and enhanced skills to helping the organization to function differently, in accepting increased authority and responsibility, and in managing their own responses to change. A rigorous evaluation of program effectiveness several months later how well the learnings from this program had been integrated into the workplace.

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