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Coaching a New CEO Through Transformation



A new chief executive took over a long-established organization that was now facing increasing pressure from changes in its industry, including new, more nimble, competitors. Over the years it had engaged in mission-creep, extending its role boundaries to meet requests of its clients resulting in a fuzzy sense of its mission. Simultaneously, its resources were stretched too thinly. The board recognized that a new strategic direction was urgently needed, and tasked its new CEO with setting a new course.



We facilitated a review of the organization's strategic direction and its reshaping in important ways. Additionally, we helped the CEO by:

  • reviewing the extent to which organizational arrangements (such as structure, processes and culture) enabled the implementation of the strategic direction
  • assessing the leaders and managers in the organization and advising on role adjustments
  • acting as change advisor
  • facilitating teambuilding with the top team
  • acting as a sounding board and coach to the CEO throughout, identifying important signals to be conveyed and advising on how to optimize the "honeymoon" period


The CEO successfully changed the strategic direction in fundamental ways and 'hit the ground running.'  Our support greatly speeded up the pace at which he could strengthen the organization.

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