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Effective Teambuilding Against the Odds



The IT function of a major corporation was facing complex change challenges in an organizational environment in which morale had been falling over several years. The function needed to achieve raised productivity targets, cope with major internal changes and undertake several new projects simultaneously.



In response, we conducted a series of teambuilding sessions over two years for the senior management team and for its departments and applied 360 degree survey feedback to all its managers, whom we coached. We facilitated team-level problem solving, including resolution of interdepartmental long-standing challenges.


Productivity targets were achieved, major internal changes were implemented and new projects completed. While morale continued to be an issue in the corporation as a whole, our client's part of the organization achieved significant measured morale increases. Senior managers later reported that they would not have been able to work together so well when the VP subsequently left had it not been for the teambuilding work they did with us earlier.


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