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Removing Cultural Roadblocks



A national professional association had decided to introduce significant strategic changes. They realized that they needed to adjust their organization to position them to carry the changes into effect, but were uncertain how to proceed.



Our preliminary diagnosis revealed serious dysfunctionalities in their organizational culture which was clear would undermine what they needed to address. We undertook a culture audit using a methodology we developed for identifying why certain informal or covert patterns of behavior that hinder goal achievement were kept in place. We worked with select managers and staff in determining what needed altering or replacing - and how - and guided the organization through the resulting culture change program.


Surfacing the covert negative behaviors was the starting point to managing and changing them. As a result of our collaboration and the CEO's willingness to share candidly the nature and extent of the problems, the change program achieved considerable success, including the devolution of significant authority from top to lower levels of the association. As the culture changes took hold, dysfunctional behavior patterns were changed and replaced with behaviors that positioned the organization to successfully pursue its new strategic direction.

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