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Selecting the Right CEO



A highly successful Chief Executive was retiring at the end of 10 years. The Board was anxious to replace him with someone of a really high caliber to meet their exacting leadership needs, that included guiding the exceptionally talented senior team in place.



Our selection approach included the use of our Interview Questions Escalation Sequence (IQES), a proven method of evaluating and assessing candidates. We collaboratively scripted interviews, tailoring questions to specific criteria, including fit with the organization's culture. We analyzed and integrated candidate responses throughout and presented board members with an objective comparison. The Selection Panel wrapped up its work and left town on Friday afternoon for the weekend before the full Board were due to convene and formally decide. The Panel Chair phoned very early Saturday with a dilemma. He was concerned the Panel was going in the wrong direction. I suggested that we invite the short-listed candidates to meet with the Chair and myself on the Saturday. We shared with each all negative perceptions generated by him or her in the process, regardless of the extent to which the Panel had accepted them. We invited them to return on the Monday to respond to our communication in the manner they felt was appropriate and also indicate what they would do during their first 6 months in office. The Panelists returned, listened to the candidates' responses and unanimously changed their earlier conclusion. The full Board met a day later and endorsed the new outcome.


Our client acquired a new chief executive who demonstrated quickly that he was the right person for this major role. Those involved in the process felt well supported by the richness of our selection strategy and what they were able to learn through our approach.

OHMC helps organizations select the right candidates for senior positions.
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