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Guiding Change During a CEO Transition



In response to evolving member needs, the board of a national association shifted its strategic direction. This, in turn, required the introduction of wide-ranging organizational changes. The level of challenge to senior management was increased by the retirement of its CEO and replacement by one whose availability in her initial period in office was rather low.



We coached the new top management team in developing their roles and in adopting principles to guide the change process. Among other things, we devised a temporary change management structure, including two-way communications conduits. Measures were introduced to monitor regularly how people were experiencing the change process. Staff were kept up to-date on progress, difficulties and plans; they experienced a real sense of participation in the process.


Needed organizational changes were introduced ahead of schedule, which positioned the association to implement its new strategy as intended.  Staff feedback indicated they felt heard on matters of content and process throughout. Not only were management and staff excited with how well the change process was managed, they gained the knowledge and skills to manage future changes.

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