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Merging Competitors into a New Entity



The United Nations had three agencies which had similar and, in some respects, overlapping mandates. This led to role confusion among the agencies and those they served. The General Assembly concluded that it was time to operate in a more cohesive way, and decided to merge the three entities into one.



We orchestrated the merger, working closely with the new agency's chief executive and top team. We relied heavily on cross-organizational task forces and teams to focus on policies and procedures and their needed rationalization. We agreed upon a variety of change processes and ensured that communications flowed freely. Prompt trouble shooting was especially beneficial.


The important work of the merging agencies continued while the changes were underway. The new arrangements resulted in a rich array of talents organized to considerably better effect. Those they served found it much easier to interact with them and benefit from their vast know-how. Strategic goals were given a new coherence and values differences were resolved. We were invited to return after five years to conduct an objective assessment of their progress, which was truly impressive.

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