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Improving Board Effectiveness & Relationships



The chairman and CEO of an international research organization were both concerned at an apparent deterioration in their relationship.  They reached out to us for help.



In response, we designed a confidential questionnaire focusing on the board’s effectiveness, and on the relationship between the board and the CEO. Surprisingly, the picture that emerged revealed that relationship issues were not restricted to those between the Chairman and CEO, but were an issue between other board members as well.  Other previously unidentified issues related to the functioning of the board were also revealed, including the recognition that a subgroup of the board shared information that was withheld from the rest of the board. We shared feedback without attribution, and facilitated problem solving sessions which led to a board plan to improve its own effectiveness.


The chairman and CEO repaired their relationship and subsequently worked together comfortably to help the rest of the board reach a level of openness not previously enjoyed. This enabled them to come together as a cohesive group and undertake the improvement plan to great success.

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